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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Benefits of Curry leaves(Kadi patta): weight loss, vitamins,iron, and many more.

Benefits of Curry leaves(Kadi patta):weight loss, vitamins,iron, and many more.

Benefits of Curry leaves(Kadi patta):weight loss, vitamins,iron, and many more.

The curry leaf tree is famous not only in South India today but also all over India and across the world because of its striking aroma and various health benefits.

Let us take a look at some of the health benefits:

1. They were used in ancient India as medicine to treat calcium deficiency and they’re also very rich in vitamin A B, C and B2. 

2. Curry leaves can aid in weight loss. Dry them or break them fresh and add them in your diet in recipes as well as salads.

3. These leaves also cure many digestive problems such as constipation or even dysentery. Click for- Amazon best seller Curry leaves powder for digestive problems

To help in proper digestion consume these leaves empty stomach in the morning or crush them and add them in buttermilk.

4. Curry leaves contain a lot of alkaloids which are anti inflammatory and anti bacterial which can be used to treat many bacterial infections.

They also helps to eliminate free radicals in the body.

5. Curry leaves contain iron, zinc and copper which lowers the blood sugar in our body and can be helpful for people suffering from diabetes.

6. They also improve vision as their rich in vitamin A and increase hair growth. The are also great stress busters and helpful in the healing of wounds.

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So go ahead and get the benefits of these healthy lives by adding them in your daily diet. Planting a curry leaf tree at home is always a good idea!!!

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