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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Mutton Rogan Josh recipe- easy to make at home.

Mutton rogan josh is the highly recommended dish in in restaurants in India.

The reason behind in this popular dish is. The dish is so aromatic and flavourful.It has so many flavours and many variant to cook it.  
Mutton Rogan Josh recipe- easy to make at home
Mutton Rogan Josh 

I'm going to tell you how you can easily cook at home and enjoy the Mutton Rogan Josh.

This recipe so simple and delicious.

You need:

Mutton- 1kg with bone
Meat masala- 3 tablespoon 
Cooking oil- 1 serving spoon
Onions - 3 big fine chopped 
Tomato- 4 to 5 piece fine chopped 
Green chilli- 5to6 fine chopped 
Kashmiri chilli powder- 2 tablespoon 
Ginger garlic paste-5 teaspoon 
Lemon juice- 3 teaspoon 
Cloves- 4 
Cinnamon- 4 small pieces
Black ccardamom- 2 piece
Coriander powder- 3 teaspoon 
Curd- 100gm
Salt- according to taste 
Lest start:

Prepare for first marination.
Mix all mutton with one tablespoon ginger garlic paste one spoon Kashmiri chilli powder with one tablespoon lemon juice and mix well and put in fridge for 15 minutes.

Benefit: ginger garlic paste and lemon reduce all smell of mutton.

Second Meritnation:

Take a open pen and put all mutton and
Mix with all curd,1 tablespoon meat masala,1 tablespoon salt, half tablespoon Kashmiri chilli powder and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
Leave it for minimum 1 hour.
(You can leave it for 1 night also)optional 

Now when oil starts warming put
All khada masala and the all onions 
Cook for 3to4 minutes and then put green chilli Ginger garlic paste.
Cook for 5 minutes and then put all tomatoes and add meat masala salt coriander powder Kashmiri Chilli powder.
Cook for at least 10 minute 
When all gravy is become little red
Then mix with mutton Meritnation and coke almost 40 minutes with low flames.

Now your Mutton Rogan Josh is ready to eat. 

NOTE: serve with salad dressing 

I hope you like this recipe of Mutton Rogan Josh 

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