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Sunday, 31 May 2020

How to breathe properly during exercise.

How to breathe properly during exercise and any other physical activity.

If you not breathing properly during exercise so you never get RESULTS properly what you want.

I going to tell you about breathing techniques.

So let's start.
What you lose if you you don't breathe properly 

1. Your lungs don't produce enough power.
2. you  lose Stamina.

3. You face difficulty in repetition of each set.

4. Oxygen level drops.

5. Blood pressure unstable.

How to know you are doing wrong 

If you stop breathe during WORKOUT and 
 Continue repetition.

Benefit of proper breathing technique.

1. You gain Stamina.

2. You focused during exercise.

3. You can do proper rapitation of set.

4. More oxygen more.

5. More blood flows.

How to breathe properly during exercise.

So here's technique.

For example 

If you are doing abs crunches 

So when body lift upwards you have to breathe out from mouth.

How to breathe properly during exercise.

When body goes down you have to inhale oxygen from nose.

Repeat this technique every exercise 
When you lift weights breathe in and out.

Try this.

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